PyAlly Trading Library

Take control of your `Ally Invest`_ finances through Python. Buy stocks and options in an instant, and stay up-to-date with your investments.

Ally Invest’s investment platform is perfect for smaller investors who value a mature web/mobile interface, and low brokerage fees. I made this wrapper so that I could more easily integrate the platform with Python, and reduce the need for human oversight on my account.

After setting up API keys, PyAlly can provide the basic/essential Ally brokerage transaction functions from a simple python request.

The project can be cloned from github or installed through pip on pypi.

Version 1.2.0

We have added more features in this latest minor release! There have also been numerous contribution and pipeline improvements not listed below. See the commit history for details.

Note that parts of the news searching is broken. Ally’s contractor who supplies information for news articles has had trouble suppling some information.

Planned Features

  • Multi-leg orders


Message me on Github or send me an email if you enjoyed the project or thought it could be improved. Anyone with an interest, with an eye for detail, is welcome to contribute.

If you’re dying to buy me a beer, I accept venmo at @alienbrett. That said, feel no obligation; this is free software and it’s here for you to use.

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